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Walk Sound Studio provides Film scores for Motion Pictures and Music Production for Modern Recordings. We also provide mixing and audio-post production services. Feel free to browse our pictures below, and see what we are up to. Yes! We are extremely busy, so be sure to have a date in advance for your recording session. Any questions, please contact us! 

NEW! Upmix your stereo masters to Dolby Atmos 7.1.2 - Dolby Atmos mixes with stems using the binaural headphone technology in the Dolby Atmos Renderer.   

For per-hour sessions: 5 Hour Min: $500 down, plus $100 per hour after the 5 hours are completed.

Song Packages start at $2,000+ (Not including live musicians, mix and mastering)

For Film/Media Composer work: Starting at $200+ per Minute, $100+ per Hour minimum 5 hours, Flat rates available starting at $3000.00+.

All individual music services apart from packages have their own cost. Please let us know what you need.


For special Budget Film Productions needing Film Music, please write to: with as much details about the Film Production.

Audio Post Production Packages are available depending on the needs of Directors/Producers. Please email us which services you need for your Audio-Post, and we will provide you the best option to maximize your sessions. Audio-Post has a long list of services, that's why packages need to be custom-made.

4-12 Payment Installments on Auto-Pay (Bi-Weekly) available on all packages except on Per-Hour and Per-Minute Projects. Please note, installment plans all depend on price amounts of productions. Feel free to contact us to chat about your production needs.


         Music Production List  

  • Sheet Music Transcription

  • Music Arranging

  • Orchestration Strings & Brass

  • Vocal Recordings

  • Piano & Synth Tracking

  • Mock Ups/Demos (For live Orchestral and modern recording sessions)

  • Drum Programing

  • Creative Session(s)

  • Audio Conversions (Stereo, Surround, Dolby Atmos)

  • Mix 

  • Mastering

  • Stems

  • All music production package

   Audio Post Production

  • Automated Dialogue Replacement

  • Voice Overs

  • Dubbing

  • Sound Design Session (Modular, Sample Physical items, Sound Effects)  

  • Music Editing 

  • Mix & Mastering

  • Upmix and Downmix Music 

  • Dolby Atmos Renderer (Current Version 5.1.0)

  • Dialogue Editing 

Walk Sound Studio is ready for you to enter our studio remotely for playback and collaboration sessions


For new Clients interested in working in-person at Walk Sound Studio, please be aware of a questionnaire  you'll need to fill out. This is to verify our guest before entering our studio. Without filling out our questionnaire, you will not be permitted to a session in-person. We take Safety Protocols serious. WSS is normally an Invite-Only studio. Once we verify your position in the industry whether independent or mainstream, we will be glad to serve you in-person. For more info please email 

Audio Post Production Setup

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