Musician Anthony Rodriguez

Anthony Rodriguez is a native of New Jersey, USA. He studied for 7 years as a self-taught musician, and at the age of 16 became the pianist for his home church in NJ. In 1997 Anthony was gathered with a group of talented musicians that had the same interest in music.


Together with his friends they would go into countless hours in recording sessions just to compose and record ideas that someday would become an album. At the age of 17 he was introduced to professional musicians that worked together with Super Star singer Marc Anthony. Anthony was influenced by this group of pro-musicians ; they led Anthony into learning music theory, music production, and piano while simultaneously seeing and experiencing the way the pros produced and approached music in real-life studio recordings. At the same time, Anthony had auditioned for a Salsa band called Ebenezer, which accepted him as a member right after the rehearsal. His experience in the live scenario has improved along with his musicianship.


While proceeding in the music industry, in 2004 Anthony participated and produced the soundtrack for BET's Telly Award winning movie Tangy's Song,which also got a nomination in the Cable Positive Awards. In 2009 Anthony recorded and produced his project "Keys to the Kingdom," a Latin flavor Jazz album which also became a Best Seller on Amazon after its re-release in 2012. On 2015 Anthony released the first Latin style remix to Shackles from Gospel Artists, Mary Mary. This record reached #1 on Amazon Music, and received a nomination for Best Latin Song in The Independent Music Awards.


With his musical experiences, Anthony began motivating different groups to "Do What They Love." Anthony has spoken in Boys and Girls Clubs, Keynote Speech for the 2014 Career Day at Union City High School (NJ), and working together with a Latino Non-profit organization that works in motivating students through NJ and NYC. After speaking at different places, Anthony released his first motivational and entrepreneurial book, "The Musician." His book ranked Bestsellers on Amazon more than once. Being a freelance artist made Rodriguez learn the value of promotion, marketing, and management. All of these responsibilities led him to become more than just a musician -- but a entrepreneur in music . ​

Today, Rodriguez has an impressive client list which includes performances with many Christian and Secular Artists in both live stage and recording studio: Brenda K. Starr (Live), Mikey Perfecto Artist of  RMM/Sony (Studio Recording, Michael Stuart RMM/Sony (Studio Recording) Rene Gonzalez (Live), Samuel Hernandez (Live), among other artists.


After experiencing great moments both live and studio Anthony opened a private piano workshop, which entails him to teach every aspect towards music according to his own experience; later becoming a music entrepreneur, and developing a firm that would represent all of his works, "Anthony Rodriguez Music Group.” Anthony has also shared his time in volunteer performances with Charity "American Cancer Society." His major achievement in giving back was running his first Half-Marathon back in March 21, 2015 for Ultra Michelob sponsored by Better Life.