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Music Composer

Anthony Rodriguez delights himself in scoring music for film. He holds a Telly Award for a BET Film titled, "Tangy's Song,' and a nomination in the Cable Positive Awards. Throughout the years as a session musician in studio and live on stage, Anthony has scored for different events.

In 2020, Anthony scored an independent documentary titled, "Sazon Guzman," and an Educational Easter Film titled "Easter." Anthony also composed the 2022 Hispa's Kick-off theme song called, "Con Esperanza," which is streaming in all platforms. Anthony Rodriguez is currently scoring a London, UK based film called, "Rupture," which is still in Production. A film called, Ebenezer The Traveler with Valenti Vision Films.Other scoring jobs on the waitlist. 


Anthony has worked with award-winning TV/Film engineers such as John Webber (AIR Studios London) Luke Pimentel (The Mastering Bay LA) in soundtracks he has composed such as; Deliver Us, RUN, Save Us, and more. Most recently, Anthony has worked with Award-winning mixer, Jake Jackson (Air Studios) on the rescore of "The Plagues" originally from the Prince of Egypt movie. Apart from working with Directors, Anthony has written for many Music Publishers on bespoke projects.

Below you can see and hear Anthony's scores and Reels.


Currently in Production

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Currently in Production

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Screenshot_2021-09-17 Tangy's Song (2004).png

Coming March 2023

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