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Anthony Rodriguez delights himself in scoring music for film. He holds a Tell Award for a BET Film titled, "Tangy's Song,' and a nomination in the Cable Positive Awards. Anthony is currently competing in the CAIFF Film Festival, Hamlisch Awards, and REC Change Awards. A new Documentary called 'Sazon Guzman' was scored by Anthony Rodriguez, Documentary airing on Vimeo, soundtracks now streaming on all music platforms. Anthony's, The Chase Soundtrack was inspired by the HBO's Westworld Scoring Competition 2020, soundtrack now playing in all music platforms.


Working with Anthony is an opportunity to see your story come to life through his ideas in melodies and combination of musical emotions. With his background in drums, percussion, and primary instrument, piano; he brings a massive amount of ideas from different cultures.


His highest influence in composers are; Hans Zimmer, John Williams, Danny Elfman, John Lunn, and other composers which inspire Anthony to create music for film, both for self-enjoyment and for clients. Creativity, passion and obsession to create your perfect score is just an email or phone call away. Start your spotting session with Anthony today!

Sazon Guzman (Original Motion Picture Soundtrack)

Now Streaming

Sazon Guzman Soundtrack

The Chase (Inspired by the Westworld Scoring Competition)

Now Streaming

Save Us (Inspired by the REC Change Scoring Competition 2020)

Coming Soon

Anthony Rodriguez at Shazam
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