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Anthony Rodriguez Film Composers Studio

The Writing Room Productions is your place to write and record your songs. Feel free to browse our pictures below and see what we are up to. Yes! We are extremely busy, so be sure to have a date in advance for your recording session. Our list down below shows some of our plugins and gear we have for productions. Our list updates frequently. Any questions, please contact us! 

  • For per-hour sessions: 5 Hour Min: $500, plus $100 per Hour.

  • Song Packages start at $1,000+ (Not including live musicians, mix and mastering)

  • For Film/Media Composer work: Starting at $75+ per Minute, $100+ per Hour minimum 5 hours , Flat rates available starting at $1000.00+.

  • For special Budget Film Productions needing Film Music, please write to:

  • Sound Design Session (Modular, Sample Physical items)           

  • Sheet Music Transcription

  • Music Arranging

  • Orchestration Strings & Brass

  • Vocal Recordings

  • Piano & Synth Tracking

  • Music Editing

  • Mix & Mastering

  • Mock Ups/Demos

  • Drum Programing

Moog Sub Harmonicon
Moog Mother 32
Moog Sub 25
Motu Midi Express 128
Motu 8 Pre USB
Motu Micro Lite

Cinematic Rooms Pro
Seventh Heaven Pro
Soundtoys Echo Boy
Soundtoys Echo Boy Jr
Soundtoys Crystalizer

Arturia Analog Sounds
Native Instruments
Tina Guo Collection

Gear for Production:

Universal Audio Apollo x6
Slate Audio VSX
Universal Apollo Twin x
Akai MPK mini
JL Cooper FaderMaster Pro

Fabfilter Bundle 
Eventide H9 Series Plugins

Auralex Treated Space
SE Electronic 2200
SE Electronic Sheild
Raven MTI2 Tech
Avantone CV12 Mod
Slate VML-1

u-he Zebralette
u-he Diva
u-he Zebra
u-he  HZ Dark Zebra


Logic Pro X
Cubase 11
Protools Ultimate
SpitFire Audio Libraries
Hans Zimmer Collection
Aleksey Igudesman Solo Violin

Abbey Road One & Two
Native Instruments Komplete Now

Waves Plugins
XLN Audio
East West Composer Cloud
Vienna Ensemble Pro 7
UAD-2 Satellite QUAD
TC Electronic VSS3

Quested S7R's
Quested SB10R
Quested SBC250
Avantone Mixcube (Mono)
Softube Console & Fader 1

iZotope Audio Editor
Melodyne 5
Dear VR (Plug Alliance)
Orchestral Tools
Tom Holkenborg Percussion
Junkie XL Brass
Jeff Russo Modus


Avantone Headphone
BeyerDynamic 150 Headphones
Doepfer LMK4+ & 2+
Yamaha MO8

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