Let’s Pray Everyday!

October 3, 2017


There’s a trend called, “Let’s Pray,” and it’s followed by a tragedy in a city/state/country. There’s never enough time to dedicate improvement to a tragedy in one location, because another hits right after. And so, Let’s Pray becomes an epedemic on social media. We can all agree that tears come down from our eyes when we read articles on earthquakes, hurricanes destroying our cities, human trafficking, crimes, racism, hunger and so much more; we read about selected issues that the media and the news shows us. However, there’s so much going on worldwide that we have no idea — that if you knew — you would go crazy! People suffering secretly, dying without any hope of living. I mean, this world has its dark side and a lot is hidden in the dark that we don’t see on TV. So, I encourage you to #PrayForAll. Everyday take a second to pray for those that got hurt in a shooting, for those families that have lost their homes worldwide, not just Puerto Rico. Let’s pray for the victims in the aftermath of the earthquake in Mexico. Let’s think about those kids being kid napped and sold into slavery. Let’s pray for the people that are suffering secretly. Let’s expand our minds and make strong prayers, because their is power in prayer. It’s a fundamental of life. Let’s take a second each day we live to cry for those that cry, let’s take a second to smile to those that need encouragement. Use your social media platform to encourage with a broad message. Don’t focus solely on one or two things, but focus your #LetsPrayFor... post to the world.

We need each other. Just because a tragedy hasn’t happened in your city or on the very street you live on — doesn’t mean it can’t ever happen. It can. And a prayers to God, shows God that we can’t live without his protection. Pray for your home, family, friends; for the people that will surround you today, for the facilities you will enter. Pray for your kids, and for the people that surround your kids. Pray for your city, state, and country. Pray for the world. May the Lord deliver those in captivity, may he heal those that are sick and hurt. May he provide to all of us our needs here on earth. Amen.

That’s all I have to say. Please, pray for all. 

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