1 Trait that you aren’t a Christ Follower.

September 25, 2017


Over the weekend I’ve seen some posts about the 45th President saying something that really offended a lot of people. I didn’t get a chance to search it and see what was it that #45 said that blew everyone’s mind. This morning I ran into some posts about it again, and this time I heard what the issue was all about. And “Sons of B$&:@“$” comment by the 45th President was a strong indication that he’s NOT A CHRISTIAN. And you know what? His past statements in all topics have been BOMBASTIC, but that’s not what I’m worried about. We all know that the 45th says crazy things. It’s the fact that Christians that voted for the 45 stand firm that he’s Christian. The 45 is not a Christian. Christians that voted for him have a fogged up mentality of what being a Christ Follower entails. Maybe 45 stood for things some Christians stand for. That’s great, but don’t preach that 45 is Christian. Book of James in the Bible, talks about the beast being the tongue. It’s a beast that’s hard to tame. And we struggle everyday to tame that beast. There’s a distinction between trying to tame the beast which makes us imperfect, but understanding that we need to continue to better our choice of words; and speaking from your heart with no regret. And this is the discernment God is giving all those who claim 45 is Christian. FB pages that show people interceding for 45 is just people hoping for God to have mercy on our USA.. Yeah it’s awesome people are praying for 45, and I pray for him too. But anyways, I want to tell you the one trait that makes you a Not a Christ Follower is:

Being Fast to Talk And NOT slow to Speak.

Always use your words wisely. Slow to speak and quick to hear. If you’re a Christian, then you will know that our tongue is a lethal weapon and our negative words are poison to those we speak negatively. How powerful is your words? Very! Of course we are imperfect. We say things out of anger, and sometimes we can calmly say things that aren’t good towards others. We must strive to live up to the Christ Follower lifestyle and be Slow to Speak. We can’t take back stupidities we say. But we can learn from them and aim for better execution the next time around.

Here’s the clip of 45’s Statement:
45th President’s Comment  

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