My Facebook Page down since 8/17/16 and restored on 8/23/16

August 23, 2016

I am writing in the moment to all my supporters. My real supporters. 

I was watching Netflix with my wife 8/17 a Wednesday night. After watching the show I went into the exclusive app known Facebook Mentions that Verified Facebook Users use. I was logged off of the app. So I went into the other Facebook apps to check my page, and it wasn't there. So, quickly I went into the Facebook Support to write to Facebook about my Page disappearing. I've been updating some Facebook fans from my Music Co., page since 8/18. Today 8/22 I finally get a email from a person at Facebook that said she will help and forwarded my issue to higher ranks. Not sure how many of my FB supporters come to my site, but if you do. You can interact with me at - Twitter @iamAntRodriguez - Instagram @realAnthonyRodriguez. Between us, I have a new page in the works in case my current disabled page goes dead. Unfortunately, I've worked extremely hard to get up to 17,000 LIKES from 2014-2016. But if Plan B comes to play, I am ready. Oh! so my current page was detected with possible Spam and thats why, it was disabled. Lets see! I write a new blog in case something changes for 8/23/16. 


So! On 8/23/16 my Facebook Page was fixed and restored. In the midst of me trying to find solutions and the right person, I was led to write to Facebook Ads Dept about my page being down. On 8/23/16 a nice lady wrote to me about escalating my issue to higher ranks, and the next morning my page was up again. I highly recommend people with pages to put some dollars and cents on their page by perhaps boosting their posts or creating ads promoting their page. This way you'll have more people you can contact in case your page disappears. I was able to fill out the missing pages form, and other forms; including a form explaining what happened to my page to Facebook Ads Dept. Well now, I am back! :) 



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