Facebook Live via Mentions app & Facebook app

December 10, 2015


Good news for those that love to broadcast their shows and more to the world, and you don’t have to be a verified figure — however, must be an iOS user. Sorry Androids, it isn’t your time yet. There are two different platforms within the Facebook world; one is Facebook Mentions, which only works with verified figures, and the regular Facebook app that everyone uses. Facebook Live via Mentions, is clearly using the Live for Mentions via the Facebook Mentions app; this is what we verified figures use. Then, there’s the Facebook Live icon on the regular Post Status box where you post your statuses; this is within your Facebook app. Facebook Mentions app was created solely for public figures in different markets. But now, soon, you won’t need to worry about not having access to Facebook Live. It will be available to all users with iOS devices within the regular Facebook app you use now. So if you don’t have an iPhone and are into broadcasting, better switch now. 

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