Cockiness takes you nowhere.

November 17, 2015

I don't watch UFC, but I have read many Articles of Ronda always saying how shes going to punch someone in the face, and calling people out to fight. Just a bad attitude. Until someone shows up and shuts it down for good. Acting like your're the best isn't the way to roll. There's a diffrence between being you're best and acting like you're the best. Ronda is the best example of acting like you're the best. In this world there will always be that someone that's better than you. Eventually the more you act like you're the best — the more chance of you meeting that one person that will shut you up. Being your best is bringing out the best in others. I know, UFC is a violate type sport, but if Ronda would have been her best and praised her opponents strong traits and focused on keeping positive mentality, physically, emotionally, spiritually, socially; then maybe would have won the fight. Just by the look on their faces right before the fight, you can see Holly was collective and calm, and Ronda looked like she was going to rip Holly's head off. I also learned that lesson when I was young. Church bands use to gather and at that time I was playing the drums. I showed off that night, until someone came up and played — and shut me down. He didn't have to say anything, but just play. From that day forward I never ever acted that way. I always praise my colleagues and even those that hate me on and off the music stage. Champions are well-grounded in every phase from the mind to the way one carries themselves. Congrats to Holly for doing what she did. She's a Champ! 



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