Piano & Synth

Piano and Synth are mostly used in all music. Our recording facility has the most sought-after piano sounds that include; East West sound library Yamaha C7, Steinway D, Bechstein, Bosendorfer 290 - unbelievable sounds that will leave you amazed. It doesn't stop there, our Spitfire Audio library includes; cinematic pianos, highly acclaimed Hans Zimmer Piano that were recorded and sampled at Air Studios in London. Along with more pianos that will fit your musical arrangements. We also have the option to record at our partner studio, real acoustic piano (tuning and booking will be included in the price).

Playing any genre isn't an issue at AR Music Group, as we are experienced in all styles of music. If you need a piano track for your musical arrangements, or anything piano; we can provide you with a great piano session. 

Our Synth library is flexible. If you're looking for an Analog Modular System -- we got that. We have the Moog Machines that are set and ready to create your sound palette for your record. The Moog's are the mother of all sound creation, can't get any better than that. We also have plugins to add depth to the creation of synthesis. Our synth system is ready to set all the possibilities. So, if you need just phrasing work, or just sound creation, then you're at the right place.

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Modular Moog System

Doepfer LMK 4+ Master Keyboard