Orchestrating for your arrangements includes our high-end strings, brass, woodwinds, percussion, via our East West, Spitfire Audio Libraries. We provide real sounding strings that can perform any articulation from, ostinatos, legatos, and so forth. We also provide the sheet music for your live band, or if you decide to head to the studio and record the strings live. We will prepare the score for those situations. 

Orchestrating is part of our production process when working with Anthony Rodriguez for your musical arrangements from scratch. If your arrangements require orchestration, there is no extra cost. 

If you already have orchestration written out from an outside producer, Anthony can score produce your orchestration. Score charts must be written out perfectly. Any modifications that have to be made to your score chart will be charged extra for editing, and re-arranging of your orchestration. We highly recommend making sure that who ever wrote out your orchestration, that everything is right and ready for production. If that isn't possible, we can review your orchestration for an extra charge before officially recording.