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Anthony Rodriguez is a professional pianist that has performed on all stages big and small. Below you will find a list of different events Anthony can assist as music director, pianist, and music composer.

Film Composer

In 2005 Anthony was part of a Documentary called, "Isaiah's Touch," part of a BET Film event. The Film was awarded a Telly Award. Making music for picture is an opportunity to create specifically out of the box. Anthony has also participated in Spitfire Audio's Scoring Competition which is in partnership with HBO's Westworld (Full Music on YouTube). Anthony can create music for advertisements which are also known as jingles, create music for anything in video, short films, long films. Anthony is available for spotting sessions, simply contact us to set a time and we will if you more information. 

Music Producer (Non-Film)

Anthony has plenty of records from his label and works from other labels. From music consulting, arranging, recording sequences, and producing; you can tell us what you need in detail, and we will provide you the right tools to get your project started. We have major recording studios for big budget projects and other set ups that are more affordable.

Church Pianist

Since 1995 Anthony Rodriguez has participated in music ministry. Anthony can assist as pianist, and music director. The importance of understanding the flow of church is imperative, and Anthony can help set the tone with the right style of playing, according to the style/genre of the church. He has experience in performing in Contemporary Christian Music, Gospel, and Latin music settings. His reputation as pianist, is well known, and with that same reputation -- Anthony can also bring the strong work ethic and a mindset of excellence to your music ministry.

Restaurant Music Shows

Restaurant Music Shows is a part of all musicians. Anthony Rodriguez provides various genres of live music. Jazz, Latin, Latin Jazz, R&B, Salsa, Pop, and more. Restaurants seeking a concert, or simply behind the scenes type of performance, is Anthony's expertise. You can rest assure with the right music-setting, your music experience will meet more than expected. Anthony is also available as a house-band and for exclusivity with any venue seeking music performance on a steady schedule.

Touring Musician

Are you a manager or music director interested in hiring Anthony as keyboardist or pianist for a tour coming up? Anthony Rodriguez is a pro-pianist with years of experience on live stages. His skills will bring excellence in rehearsals and on the day of the shows.

Special Ocasions

Anthony Rodriguez offers a great deal of variety for your special occasion. From piano solo, 2-piece band all the way up to a 12-piece band. Any size band for your Wedding, and special party at your convenience.

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