Anthony Rodriguez has given and still is donating a percentage of his music sales to WorldVision via, and has also raised money for Autism Speaks. In 2006 Anthony and his band Poetology participated in a cancer walk for American Cancer Society. Rodriguez performed live while students at Rutgers University walked throughout the New Brunswick, NJ campus.


Anthony is now running for Charity Miles, each mile he runs will donate 25 cents to the Autism Speaks, and other celebrated organizations throughout the year. Anthony is a proud founder and sponsor athelete. Please join Anthony on his run by downloading the Charity Miles application onto your mobile device, and help make a difference.


#EveryMileMatters. Amongst running different 5k events, Anthony is a Half-Marathon finisher. March 21st, 2015, Rodriguez finished his very first Half and earned a Finishers Metal at the Michelob Ultra Half in Queens, NY. Also in 2015 Anthony has established a Foundation called "Anthony Rodriguez Foundation" to help less fortunate children in the Dominican Republic with electric pianos and musical supplies. Look up #HiddenTalents on Facebook - Twitter, and Instagram.

Anthony Rodriguez Charity Miles
Anthony Rodriguez Autism Speaks
Anthony Rodrigez for American Cancer Society
Anthony Rodriguez for World Vision
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