Anthony Rodriguez Book Recommendations

This book has a lot of great insights to parenting. It has helped me to better communicate and under my child better. For Hispanics and some strong cultures out there that are big on giving children some say or choices -- this will be a tough read. It took me months to read this book. It has many examples and exercises to approaching a child in different moments. I learned a lot.

The 48 Laws of Power is a great lesson about Life. I mean, history at its best! You'll learn how Power was used from B.C to Current times. Also, how to treat certain issues around you. It most definitely helps you shape yourself to be better at life. There are some parts that may go against your beliefs, but like in every product -- you take in what you need.

Business Secrets from the Bible talks about serving each other. The bottom line is we all

need each other to create wealth. Wealth is established by communicating and making use of each others talents. Also, digs deep to those that have a 9-5 job. How to be successful and create wealth; simply put, loving what you do. Better said, learning to love what you do. Doesn't encourage much about "Doing What You Love." The stories in this book are great reminders that in order to succeed and strive in life -- we must give and bless others by servicing others. Great read.

The 4 Agreements book was a mixture of good and bad. I learned some interesting things about Toltec Wisdom. Great examples used for each agreement. Really hit the spot in speaking about Not taking things personally, Be impeccable with your word, Always do your best, and Don't make assumptions. However, as a Christ follower I didn't appreciate the Author using Jesus as an option among other figures in history. It just didn't make sense to me. So, that would irritate any Christian reading this book. The 4 agreements is basically founded in the book of Proverbs in the Bible. Its just used in life stories and it was information I loved reading. The Toltec like to use the terms White Magic and Black Magic. This translates as good and bad people. Black Magic meaning people speaking negative and using their words to put you down. White Magic, being positive people that speak greatness into existence. They're some parts that get into the Angel of Death that owns life and is almost compared to God. They say Toltec isn't a religion however, the specifics in the book promote a different outlook. When you mention Angel of Death owning your life, that's pretty aggressive for something that isn't religion. It mentions GOD a lot in the book. One thing I took from their saying, 'You are your God," is that we were made in the image of God. Overall, it promotes 4 basic things that you should practice, but without the Angel of Death thing.


The Art of War gives you a Proverbs feel. Rules to live by in the battlefield. They are some things you can apply to every day; such as the enemy in this book would be FEAR, not a man or army. Great to read and see it in ways that you can approach certain situations in life. I  got one or two great quotes from this read. The wording is quite unique. If you're like me and like analogies and such, then this is for you.

The Tipping Point was a fantastic read. Focuses on how the smallest things that create epidemics. From how a diseases started with one person and becoming a big thing! From Sesame Street performing their beginnings on TV, and how adding Big Bird, the Muppets into the scenes where the adults were in -- created a thing of attraction. And this is after much evaluation. I learned that Sesame Street was designed for children and stay-at-home Moms; I thought it was just for kids. And so much to learn and how adjusting or adding a small detail can create a Tipping Point.

This Shall Prosper is filled with Jewish Wisdom and how they execute their beliefs into action. From serving others, giving to charity, and how to appear strong when your speaking with people -- to sitting with perfect posture. Great stuff to learn and it will most definitely change your mentality.


Great book! Too much info to share. But this book has helped me in tiny ways to better communicate with others, and understand the other person talking. Eye contact a BIG plus and hand placements etc. Get it! 

This book is informative. Takes you into the different social media platforms strengths and weaknesses. The one thing to know in this read is, to give it a try. Do what you enjoy and the MARKET will tell you whether your good enough or not. That it is better to had tried than to live the "What if" type of life. I recommend this to all people because it brings us into the social media platform. There is lots of stories from people that have found success in social media.

Great fast read. Talks about people dividing churches and leaders that may strike a nerve in you. However, you will never get an answer whether that leader was called by God to lead or not; the book uses King Saul, David, and finishes with Absalom. In life there are more Sauls, and Absaloms, than there are Davids.

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