Arranging your song can vary depending on what the Artist wants to do. In some cases singers need help figuring out a progressions that can help their lyrics stand out. Melodies, and Chord changes are the most important part of a song. Everything else is just decor. With Anthony Rodriguez, we provide an open-ended session(s) - where we charge you a songwriting fee for each brain-storm session. When songwriters need help, we assure our clients that in our writing room, they will feel open and non-rushed. 

If your song is ready for the sequencing part, we create a file using either Pro Tools or Logic Pro X , then proceeding to building the file with virtual instruments that will either be the main instruments or a reference for real musicians to go by. This all depends on the songwriter. 

Sometimes Artists already have their arrangements done and need to bring it out to life! We can produce your arrangements according to the original idea. We love working together with songwriters. 

Arrangements include scores for live band performances or any other events you may need it for. Upon request you can also have your files sent to other places in case you need to record in a different location. 

According to the budget of the Artist, Anthony can arrangement a record and the Artist can have it produced by another producer somewhere else. There are cases where songwriters want to have an arrangement done by Anthony, but budget may stand in the way. If you have a producer that can help you produce the record, that's okay. However, arrangements made ny Anthony either have to be produced by Anthony or by a reputable producer that can get the job done. 

Logic Pro X and Audio Movers for Remote Sessions

Music Composing with Logic Pro X - Doepfer Lmk 4+

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