Recording Services


Your Recording Process is one of the most important parts in your life. By hiring Anthony Rodriguez, you will rest assured that your dream recording will become a reality come true. Anthony Rodriguez can handle each and every aspect so you can enjoy the process. Full production planning and music production services include:​


Music Consultation (Sit one on one with Anthony Rodriguez for an overview of your project including costs)


Budget Planning  (Budget Planning helps you see the project step by step oppose to viewing it as one lump sum)


Open Musician Selections for your production (We have hundreds of musicians in our network that can perform your music professionally)


Arranging songs  (Get your music arranged by Anthony Rodriguez & producers associated with ARMG Recording. Arrangements can be done for you to write lyrics on, provide lyrics and we compose a melody with arrangements; and provide your written song so we can arrange your original music)


Music Charts for arrangements (Get your music on sheet music)


Provide Band for CD presentation (After any production, an Artist performs a CD release party. ARMG can put together a live band for your first live CD Presentation)


Vocal Coaching in vocal recording session (We provide professional vocal coaching for your vocal recording session, if needed)


Overseeing Production getting done (Anthony Rodriguez makes sure your production is on time and done right from start to finish)


Mix & Master (We work with the best in mixing & mastering, after your recording is done and edited; we then move to the mix followed by the mastering. If you already have recorded material elsewhere and just need mix and mastering; our associate engineer will review your recording to see if its mix-ready. We also provide mix and mastering seperately. 


Midi Sequencing  (Providing you with digital instruments from our state of the art recording softwares)


Piano & Synth Tracking (If you simply want to hire Anthony for piano or synth recording on your arrangement(s). Providing sheet music is recommended for certain arrangements)


Provide Recording Studio (Have your own team, but need a recording studio to work from? ARMG is partnered with recording studios that can provide the platform for you)


Background Vocals for production (If your music requires BGV, we have a great list of different BGV depending on style and need)


Speakers (You can record your speech, or study in our recording studio. Background music can be added to your project)


Show Host (Pre-recorded shows for radio. Demos for stations to hear, Talk-show ready recording; on CD)


Hiring Anthony for Live performance (As pianist or Musical Director)


Audio Book recording (Get your book on CD by coming down to our studio)


Hiring Anthony for Studio performance (As pianist or producing other productions)


Instrumentals (We create instrumental tracks to songs on convenient key for the singer)

Performing LIVE

Entertainment buying can be one of the most difficult and daunting tasks an individual can make. It is a pivotal decision which can highly determine the success of your party, dinner or event, but your personal reputation as well! There is nothing that can harm your evening or your reputation more than bad entertainment, so you need to choose carefully!​

Anthony Rodriguez Entertainment can provide everything you need, we provide only the best performers for your parties needs. Anthony Rodriguez ENT will provide you with the best in event entertainment, creating memories that will last a lifetime. We will delight your audience and make your upcoming event one that will be talked about for weeks after it is over. 

Anthony Rodriguez Entertainment is very competitively priced. The prices for live music are very reasonable and provide first class value for your event entertaining dollars.  

Anthony Rodriguez ENT can take place at many different functions and at many different venues. Anthony Rodriguez ENT can be used at trade shows, conventions, sales meetings, customer recognition events and more. Anthony Rodriguez Entertainment has performed at many various locations and no matter what the occasion, we will provide the best in event entertainment for your event.


  • College Events                   

  • Trade Shows

  • Corporate Events

  • Fairs

  • Festival

  • Luncheon/Brunch

  • Birthdays

  • Private Club Events

  • Weddings 

  • Charity

  • Graduation Parties

  • Banquets

  • Fashion Shows

  • Sweet Sixteens

  • Anniversaries

  • Holiday Events

  • Quinceanera

  • Private Party

  • Convention

  • Expo events

  • Funerals

  • Reunions

  • Christenings

  • Proms

  • Retirement Parties

  • Employee Recognition Parties

  • Award Parties

  • Pool Parties

  • Assisted Living Facilities

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